When I got my first internship as a Front-End Web Developer, I barely knew anything about the command line. I had just finished the JS and HTML courses on Codecademy and the only place that I would edit my code other than the online editor they had on their website…

DISCLAIMER: Please skip to this part for the actual technical stuff and not the memes.

Gooooooooood morning to all of you beautiful Code Monkes! 🥰🙈 I am hella caffeinated and randomly decided that I’m gonna start writing blog posts now! I’d like to call these series: Code Monke.


Code Monkey…

There’s not much to tell yet lol. This story is just me playing around with medium’s features to learn how to write here.

…woo I can put pictures! options are: left aligned, centre, centre (bigger) full page, how cute…

you can put captions too!

you can write next to the pictures!

Wow support to embed tweets!? cool!

fancy dot dot dot’s!

put random pictures from unsplash!

Arshan Khanifar

I like solving problems, making people laugh, and dancing.

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